International students in exchange program

Updated: Jun 3, 2024

The Institut National Universitaire Champollion approximately counts 10 % of international students. They are welcomed within exchange programs, partnerships or via the student services of Campus France. According to your situation, if you wish to study within our premises, you will have to either get in touch with your university's international relations department, or with the cultural services of the French Embassies (Campus France), or send your request to the INU Champollion's international relations department.

You wish to study at The INU Champollion?

Two conditions are required:

  • Being registered in a university having an agreement with the INU Champollion
  • Being selected by your home university.

The duration of study ranges from one to two semesters according to your project.

How to apply? : The home university contacts the international relations office of the INU Champollion with the information of students that have been selected.

Are you selected to study at INU Champollion?

Upon arrival, you are invited to report to the International Office where all information regarding your stay will be given to you.

  • ID document (passport or identity card)
  • Student card proving enrollment in the home university for the current academic year
  • Social security or private insurance
  • European social security card
  • Learning agreement for studies
  • Repatriation insurance
  • Liability Insurance

You must have an amount between 680 and 840 euros per month of stay in France. This sum represents the expenses of housing, food, outings, leisure, etc …

Students enjoy favorable conditions in France:

  • Subsidized university catering (meal price about 3,20 € for lunch)
  • Discounts on transport, leisure, etc.

For further information, please contact the International Office of the host university.

  • Accommodation in Albi :
    Students’ residences. Make sure to provide a 2-month-rent payment on arrival : 1 normal month (100 €) + 1 month as deposit, or 200 € in total. It is made in cash, or check cashable in France.
    CROUS residences (about 350€)
  • Accommodation in Rodez :
    Students registered on the Rodez campus are directed to Foyer Sainte-Thérèse located downtown, 21 rue de Bonald - Registration can be made by phone: 05 65 77 14 00 - Fax: 05 65 77 1400
  • English : E. CHEYROUX
  • Modern Languages : M. JORBA
  • Spanish : B. VARGAS
  • Applied Foreign Languages : D. KAHN
  • Geography : R. BENOS
  • Sociology : M. SAMAM
  • Psychology : A.C. RATTAT
  • History : S. RIVOAL