Bachelor’s Degree in Law

  • Droit public
  • Droit privé

The Bachelor’s in Law degree consists of a generalist course over 3 years focused on teaching the fundamentals of public law, private law, and legal history. During the sixth semester students can specialise in one of two areas: public law or private law. This choice of specialisation determines the choice of master's degree.

Compétences et savoir-faire

Skills and Knowledge

In terms of targeted skills, students who achieve this law degree are able to:

  • understand French, European, and international institutions;
  • understand France's contemporary legal and political systems, as well as their historical evolution;
  • understand and use the fundamental rules of the various branches of law and the link between various categories of legal norms;
  • master legal terminology and grasp legal issues;
  • situate themselves in the main debates and issues of the contemporary world in order to fully exercise their citizenship;
  • treat a legal problem by clearly defining its terms and placing it in the proper context;
  • draft a commentary on a legal document, an essay/oral presentation, and convey it in the proper form, both in writing and orally;
  • communicate in written and oral form in their native language and in a second language;
  • use information and communication technologies;
  • adapt to new situations and apply their knowledge and skills in a professional context;
  • assess the quality of their own work and that of others;
  • learn independently..

Particular attention is paid to training students in oral expression during guided study sessions or workshops, participation in conferences/debates, and the recommended use of oral communication during catch-up sessions.