Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science

The Bachelor’s in Computer Science is a high-level generalist degree that allows students to finish in 6 semesters in preparation to pursue further studies of computer science at the master’s level.

The studies are divided into three specialisations:

  • programming, in different languages: Python, Java, CamL.
  • general computing: architecture, systems, networks, and databases.
  • theoretical computing: type of data, algebraic abstract types, algorithmic complexity, graphs, etc.

In addition, the program also includes a significant portion of general mathematics and math for computer science as well as English classes each semester.

An internship in a company is done during completion of the bachelor's degree.

Double Degree in Computers and Mathematics

The Science and Technology Department of INU Champollion also offers a double bachelor's degree in both computers and mathematics. This option allows students directly from the Baccalaureate to simultaneously complete the two bachelor's degrees in three years, while maintaining a reasonable amount of coursework.

Secteurs d'activités et types d'emplois