Bachelor’s Degree in Foreign and Regional Languages, Literature, and Civilizations: Spanish

  • Spanish

The Spanish bachelor's degree allows students to gain an in-depth knowledge of the language, culture, and history of the Spanish and Hispanic-American worlds. The program has three main axes: language, literature, and civilization.

Students carry out intensive work on the Castilian language: grammar, translation to and from Spanish, and oral exercises. In addition, students explore Spanish and Latin American literature through the analysis of the works of the great Spanish-speaking writers, playwrights, and poets. Finally, the history of Spanish-speaking Spain and America are studied through the political, economic, social, and cultural changes of the periods from the pre-Columbian civilizations in the American sphere and from the 9th century in the Iberian Peninsula to the present day. Students acquire knowledge and methodological and professional practices (analyses, commentaries, essays, oral presentations in Spanish, and internships in schools) that prepare them for further studies leading to the teaching master’s, research, international relations, but also for entrance exams for the civil service or professions in library and archival science, journalism, and translation.

When it comes to culture, we rely on events organized by artistic and cultural institutions in the region: the National Theater of Albi, CineEspaña, Cinelatino, and the Association Présence de Manuel Azaña in Montauban.

Finally, throughout the years, we have developed partnerships with several Spanish universities within the framework of Erasmus exchanges: University of Alicante, University of Castile la Mancha, University of Girona, National University of Distance Education (UNED), Madrid. University of Salamanca, University of Tarragona, University of Zaragoza, and University of Valencia.