Master's Degree in European and International Studies

  • Stratégies Culturelles Internationales

The aim of this course is to train future international relationships officers and managers in both the cultural and academic sectors. The graduate will be able to use scientific skills in European and international relations in addition to professional skills in cultural engineering. The lectures are delivered in French, English, and Spanish to enable the graduate to become operational in these three languages.

The master's degree in European and international studies is also available as a distance learning course. Click here for further information

Compétences et savoir-faire

At the end of the two-year course, the graduate will be a specialist in international relations, particularly in the cultural and academic sectors. He/she will be operational in three languages (French, English and Spanish) in an international relations department in the academic field, foreign affairs, regional authorities, or the cultural sector.

The graduate will be able to :

  • make a diagnosis of the state of international cultural relations of his/her institution or organisation according to the national and international environment,
  • propose, put into practice, assess and develop a cultural international relations policy,
  • manage an international relations department,
  • take charge of international cultural engineering within his/her organisation,
  • take charge of communication, information, and the international recognition of his/her organisation.
  • take charge of a strategic oversight and and continually keep up to date with developments in the field, both personally and for his/her team.
  • speak and write in French, English, and Spanish.
  • use the Office suite and specific software, use databases, and update a website.

Candidature / inscription :

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