Bachelor’s Degree in Mathematics

The main objective of the mathematics degree is to train students who are able to successfully pursue further studies in the Master’s in Mathematics or in an engineering school. It has a single basic course and three specialisations.

  • By providing a solid basic course in math, the aim of the math-centered specialisation is to enable graduates to go on to any of the vast majority of mathematically-dominated master’s studies, whether their objective is to educate researchers, teachers, or professionals in industry or the service sector. It includes optional classes for those geared towards secondary education and for others geared towards research or engineering.
  • By combining a basic course in math with extensive work in advanced programming, the aim of the computer specialisation, is to allow students to go on to a Master’s in Applied Mathematics where programming is valued, and also  for a master’s degree in secondary education (by aiming for the computer option of the math CAPES).
  • The specialisation towards the teaching profession, which is common to numerous bachelor's degrees on the Albi campus, is particularly aimed at pursuing studies towards the primary school teacher training master’s.

Double Degree in Computers and Mathematics

The Science and Technology Department of INU Champollion also offers a double bachelor's degree in both computers and mathematics. This option allows students directly from the Baccalaureate to simultaneously complete the two bachelor's degrees in three years, while maintaining a reasonable amount of coursework.